Too much and too many

1 November 2015
Femke Lobach


  • Too many choices,
  • Too many decisions,
  • Too many must haves and must bees,
  • Too much of too many.

I am back in Amsterdam and I have a hard time to adapt. Did I change so much? Or did society change that much? For eight months I lived in the moment. I knew tension, I knew stress, I was scared and I was angry but it was related to actual, real moments. I didn’t fight it, I accepted it and it came and left.

Gosh do we really need all this yoga, health food, meditation and more? It appears to me that people feel more and more the need to control everything in life and even death. We cannot just live; we want to have this perfect happy inspiring life. We have to look eternally young and dynamic. We have to be healthy and always have this blooming social life. And for all these needs we of course need money.

In my eight months on various islands I did not see any super-foods, quinoa seeds or whatever natural product that costs more because it is so healthy. I did not hear any panic reaction because red meat causes cancer. I didn’t see any gluten-free products. On most islands people eat what they grow, catch what they need to eat.

DSC05315So why not go back to just living? What happened to my grandmothers’ quote ‘everything with ‘too much’ is no longer healthy’: too much meat, too much sugar and too much control? What happened to our relative perspective of our selves, accepting who we are? Accepting that we will grow old and that there is a nice side to that as well? Where does this immense need of control come from; a lack of security or a lack or belief? Why can’t we just accept life? Is it a lack of belief that life is bigger, more extensive than we are? Belief that can be religious, spiritual or it can also be in nature. The last months I saw how little and insignificant I am on earth in this vast nature and circle of life.

I have no answers and who knows within no time I will tumble in the same treadmill of ‘too much’ again. But today I don’t need new clothes, super healthy foods and anti-aging or breathing techniques. I ‘d rather life shorter, without control than fighting and stressing to control my health and age to be able to maybe possibly become a hundred years old; too old.





6 comments to “Too much and too many”

  1. Geleyn says:

    Vvery true. See also this weekends hilarious article on Worst (NRC Weekend Leven pp 29)

  2. Irma says:

    So true!
    Warm regards

  3. Olga van Liebergen says:

    Wauw femke,
    hier word ik toch wel stil van.

  4. Else Bloch says:

    Ik kan deze gevoelens zo goed begrijpen. Ik zou ook wel eens helemaal “weg” willen zijn, maar aan de andere kant is de tijd waarin we leven ook wel weer reuze interessant.
    In juli waren mijn man en ik in IJsland, het “niets” daar ligt me nog vers in het geheugen en gelukkig kan ik die in gedachten herbeleven en zo enkele momenten rust belven in de hectische wereld van nu.

  5. marina kortenbout says:


  6. Peter Mainsheeter says:

    Hi Femke!
    Welcome back! And it iis a worm welcome.
    Again your Story is touching me deep inside, but this time I can give you a simple answer for solving this typical 1st-world-problem: DONT BUY IT!
    Our industries are just producing, what we are buying. If we dont buy it, they will stop producing it.

    I often say to myself: Is the thing I´m angry about, that important, that it will appear in the newspapers? Is it somethong I can discuss with a man from Nepal? Would he know what I´m talking about? Or is it just one more of our 1st-world-problem?

    Let´s decide what we are doing and buying!

    Nice, to have you back home again!