The last time

17 October 2015
Femke Lobach

DSC03802The last night on the ocean. With a thousand stars

And falling meteorites

A night of dark clouds. Some with wind. Some with rain

Some with the lack of both

The last night. Of short naps

And four-hour watches


The last night

Of reefing the main on a pitch black ocean

The last night

To daydream

The last day. Of dark blue water

And light blue skies

The last day. To enjoy the warmth of the sunDCIM100GOPROGOPR0835.

On my body and face

The last day. To just be

One with nature. Wind and waves

The last day. Of white cotton ball clouds

Hanging on a blue horizon

The last day. Of vast emptiness

And mindlessness

The last day. To hear the tropical bird singing

To see the petrels dancing on the water

The last day. Of spotting a whale, a dolphin or a turtle

These marvels of nature

DCIM100GOPROGOPR1081.I suck up every sound, every smell and every sight

With deep breaths I store it in my heart

How I love and hate this ocean

I know it will be missed

Nature and never ending views

It makes me mindful. And let me live in the moment

I never knew I had it in me

To let go and just enjoy what is

Our beautiful year has come to an end. I am on my way back home and Gijs is preparing King’s Legend for the Sidney to Hobart Race; but that is a new story.

Thank you all for following us, I am a bit at a loss, I will miss this so much but I am sure that new adventures will await us.

9 comments to “The last time”

  1. Fransje says:

    Ha Fem en Gijs,

    Geniet nog even samen!

    X Fransje

  2. Johanna Warloski says:

    Your reflections are poetry. Thank you for sharing with us your experiences and observations. I am sure this voyage will have changed you in many ways. I hope you take the time to process it all. Best wishes. Joke

  3. Michel Greeve says:

    Well done Femke & Gijs !!!

    Back “home”, safe and sound !
    Thanks a lot for your open reflections and exciting stories.
    Petje af, Michel

  4. Martin says:

    You made it! Congrats to your dedication and passion to make this trip.
    I am awed and humbled to know you.

  5. Anna Groot says:

    Lieve Femke en Gijs,
    Wat ga ik deze verhalen missen!
    Prachtig verslag van een wonderbaarlijk bijzondere reis.

    liefs, a n n a

  6. Olga van Liebergen says:

    Lieve Femke en Gijs,
    Genoten van jullie mooie verhalen en foto’s. Dank!
    De tijd is omgevlogen, ga de verhalen missen en fijn
    om je/jullie weer te zien.
    Liefs Olga

  7. Saskia says:


  8. Hans en Geke says:

    We zijn al 51 jaar ( en zelfs 9 maanden daarvoor )ongelooflijk trots op je. Die eerste 9 maanden liet je al schoppend weten dat je er uit wilde.
    Zo geschiedde.
    We houden intens van je en koesteren je prachtige blog met de vele mooie ervaringen maar vooral je gedachten en dromen.
    Je ouders

  9. Peter the mainsheeter says:

    Dear Femke!

    I´m a little bit sad together with you, because I will miss the mails that told me: Watch out, there is a new Story from Femke in the blog. There is a new Story from the other side of the world, a new adventure from the paciffic, News from dreamland, that often touched my Soul, News from friends, i will miss in the future.
    THANKS a lot for beeing part of the community and for learning so much about living on sea.

    My best wishes to both of you and GOOD LUCK for the Siney to Hobarth!

    Peter Mainsheeter