Christmas Myanmar

December 22, 2017 – January 20, 2018 @ Mergui Archipelago
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DSC07034Virtually unknown to the outside world, the Mergui Archipelago is located in Myanmar’s remote south: a group of 800 deserted islands that lie at the heart of our sailing area. Just across from the Thai border, the archipelago opened to foreigners as recently as the late 1990s. With only a few of the islands sparsely populated and a couple of dozen visitors to the entire area each month, the Mergui Archipelago remains one of the planet’s most unspoiled destinations.

DSC06993White beaches with palm trees and dense jungle. Swimming in azure water amongst colorful reef fish, spotting corals, and collecting seashells.  Gibbons and monitor lizards eyeing you from the jungle, while a sundowner is being mixed for you on board of our yacht.  Explore tropical forests, hiking through valleys and up hills, walk along miles of beach with the only foot prints those behind you, paddle board through enchanted mangroves, swim, snorkel and go fishing: you’ve got it all. The Mergui Archipelago is full of wild life.

And best of all: you have this entire experience to yourself. You can sail for days on end and meet not a soul but the odd fisherman in a dugout canoe.

DSC06897Conditions during December to February are perfect, with warm, sunny weather, a steady 20 knots of wind, and calm seas.  The Mergui Archipelago lies in tropical waters and temperatures are constantly warm and pleasant, with average highs ranging between 28-33°C and average lows between 20-24°C .

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