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Femke Lobach
Mobile: 00 31 6 5123 3460

Skype: femkelobach

Gijs van Liebergen



Gijs van Liebergen, skipper of King’s Legend, is a sailor at heart and soul. At six years old, he was often to be found on his father’s sailboat and at the age of fourteen, he made his first sail crossing from Holland to England. His dream to buy and navigate a sailing yacht became reality in 1999, when, on the first of May he bought King’s Legend. The year that followed was used to bring the boat back into prime condition and together with Femke Lobach he made a successful company out of King’s Legend.

Gijs holds his Yacht master Certificate and also attended the School of Navigation in Enkhuizen.


Femke Lobach

Femke Lobach, MBA, successfully built up the King’s Legend charter business. She has an intuitive organisational talent and also runs her own trainer/coach agency. King’s Legend gave her the opportunity to combine her business talent with her passion for sailing.

King’s Legend has a fixed group of enthusiastic and experienced crew for regattas and cruises.